I’m so excited to announce that I’ve reached my fundraising goal! I cannot THANK everyone who has supported me so far ENOUGH!  I feel so grateful and humbled by this whole experience and most of all, excited to get back on snow in 2 weeks!!

A few weeks ago I created a budget, set up this website, gathered some SWAG, and launched my fundraiser for “The Olympic Adventure” and #roadtosochi.  The support blew me away.  It’s very motivating and inspiring to see that people believe in my dream and want to help me reach my goals.  I can’t wait to start sending out the SWAG BAGS- hats, shirts, Silver Bean Coffee, World Cup bibs, suits and Soul poles so that I can show my thanks and appreciation to all those who donated to my fundraiser!

photo (49)

 My little Sochi skier finally MADE IT and is happily chilling beyond the finish line!!!



I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Kim and Tommy from ALPINE PROMOTIONS for creating my logo, hats, and T-shirts; to my amazing friends Shannon and Matt Happe for donating their delicious SILVER BEAN COFFEE, to my extremely talented and generous friend Bryon Friedman for supporting the fundraiser with SOUL POLES; and of course a massive THANK YOU to my family and friends who have believed in me and supported me both morally and financially! YOU GUYS RULE!

To all of those who supported through donations THANK YOU! I am sending out your SWAG BAGS in July! PLEASE SEND ME PICS with the hats, shirts, coffee, etc!!

AND, finally – I am switching my blog over to this site!! I figure that now’s a good time for a refreshment of Goody Goody Goodtimes!  Stay tuned right HERE for stories from my Olympic Adventure – To start it out, here’s some highlights from hiking near HOOD last week coaching with Erich Sailer’s ski camp!

Oregon’s woods are magical.


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Oregon is ridiculously beautiful, and the skiing was great too!! Thanks to the coaches at Erich Sailers camp, Erich and Martina Sailer, and to all the awesome kids for a great week of skiing!!

IMG_2015 IMG_2018

THANKS for a great camp ERICH!