I’m bringing the BLOG BACK!

This is no longer a ski racing blog because I am no longer a ski racer. So I’ve decided to make it a photo blog for all the photos that are NOT iphone photos. I take “real” pics all the time, but never do much with them. Therefore this will become my real photo outlet – a place where I can share the beautiful things I see along the way. Plus, I need a little extra inspiration to lug the “real” camera around and actually take time to capture cool things. I love photography, and with school, skiing, and injuries last year, I kind of put it aside. So here it is again – enjoy 🙂

This is a crazy jumble of random pics from the last few months. It was a slow camera year for me – with two knee surgeries and graduating from college, I just didn’t get out as much. But my knee is awesome now, and we are back in Tahoe where there is endless inspiration!