It’s 7:15am and I am throwing my books into my backpack and lacing up my shoes to head out for DRYLAND.  Here’s what’s up since leaving Tahoe.

We packed up and left Truckee with all of our favourite toys (bikes, clubs, volleball..etc) and all of our favourite kitchen things, and said goodbye!!

 across the boring salt flats…

 this is for MP…

 we left behind beautiful tahoe…

 and all of it’s lakes.

 and finally arrived to our new home.

 COLLEGE! Looks like a movie.

 Trying to catch up in math by studying my notes from 11 years ago.

 exploring the trails!!!


 exploring more trails!!!

 and embracing the city scene.

 There’s still pretty things to be seen, even in the city.

 roadside sunflowers enjoying the final sun rays.


a lot has changed but a lot’s still the same.  Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

I still get to have fun and be outside with my friends which seems to be a priority in my life no matter what I am doing.