I’ve been training in Copper for the last few days and it’s been really fun to be back on snow! Sunny skies and awesome skiing has made it hard not to smile the whole way down!
We’ve had some EARLY mornings resembling this, but this picture is actually from the “speed” side of the hill where Marco and his teammates have been training.
The cats were getting busy tonight prepping the DH track for SG tmrw.


 I saw a shooting star in this one! But it didn’t show up in the photo…

 TALKING up a storm. Or two dragons!


 posing with lights

 still loving aspens.

 peeking over at the US speed center from “copperopolous” where the “normal” racers train!

 friends!! Some of my new teammates, Benoit and Erika!

yay for skiing! more to come!