Jackson Hole weekend

I have now joined forces with some of the greatest “weekend warriors” that have ever existed: the jackson and salt lake crews!  This weekend’s destination was Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Home of Chelsea and Trevor!  We arrived late Friday night to a blazing fire and a star studded sky.

 While the other’s were out moto-ing,  I stayed back, enjoyed the view, and attempted to dominate my math homework.

 The rest of the day’s events flew by and before we knew it, it was time for the sunset.
MOOSE family on the way.

 We went to a spectacular sunset spot known as “wedding tree”.
jumping goddesses!

 Sunset cocktails with the Tetons as company.

 lover tree.



 what an amazing weekend.
the only sad part was the forest fires spreading.  We witnessed some really cool helicopter water sucking pumps in action.  Hopefully they are contained soon.

until next weekend!