Kitzbuhel: Downhill Race and Birthday Dinner

The Eurotrip has come to an end and I am back in SLC – at SCHOOL. It was an unforgettable and amazing trip that I wish could just go on forever!! But that’s unrealistic and would take away from how special the short times you get to spend on vacation are. ANyway, the DH race was super fun to watch! I hung out with Andree-Ann and Meo!

IMG_9216 IMG_9218

We saw ARNOLD…. from afar. ha!IMG_9219

Jeff through the finish!IMG_9228

Marco and Jeff at the finish.IMG_9230

Marco and Daron admiring Marco’s autograph cards! 🙂IMG_9233 IMG_9237

Looking back at the race hill at night before heading to PINKY’s HUT for dinner!IMG_9243

We went up above Kitzbuhel to Pinky’s hut – also known as the Waldwirtschaft. for my birthday dinner! Recreating the same night from 5 years ago!IMG_9250

his food is ridiculously amazing.  We each had Fritatten Suppe, 2 curried ducks, and apfle strudel. PLus some delicious austrian wine!IMG_9255IMG_9258IMG_9261IMG_9263

To finish off the dinner, we headed into the Schnapps hutte. It was awesome.IMG_9266IMG_9269IMG_9281TOwn was crazy when we got back… typical!

Ok, I’m off to class, but that’s the last of my Euro pics 🙁