Loving the desert and my bike!

Oops! It’s ben a while since I’ve updated the blog – school tends to get in the way a little bit. Luckily, the semester’s OVER and it’s time for some summer vacationing! Although we just wrapped up finals last week, I’ve been able to get my weekend-warrioring on and hit up the desert for some biking. I am absolutely LOVING my bike and being able to be back outside pushing myself to get stronger. The first set of pics are from Moab with Chelsea, Trevor, Shannon, and MP! MP came to visit the GREAT Salt Lake and we had an awesome time in Moab. I went back to the desert the following weekend, but this time with Marco, Marcus, Keely, Erika, and Devon. We finally discovered Fruita for ourselves and have fallen in love. The desert is awesome, but Fruita just seems so right! ha. We will be back there, that’s for sure. IMG_0287 IMG_0286 IMG_0330 IMG_0479 IMG_0441 IMG_0429 IMG_0360 IMG_0357 IMG_0323 IMG_0317 IMG_0316 IMG_0307 IMG_0301 IMG_0300 IMG_0299 FRUITA!! photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)IMG_0587 IMG_0568 IMG_0564 IMG_0561 IMG_0558 IMG_0537 IMG_0505photo 3 photo 1