Mt. Hood!

Back on snow and it feels great!
I’m here for two weeks coaching with Erich Sailer’s camp.  The kids are awesome and super motivated, some of them did 29 runs today and yesterday!!  To top it all off, we had cross-fit for dryland yesterday and running up to Mirror Lake today!  It’s a fun and busy atmosphere – I’ve managed to do some runs in the courses and things are feeling good!  It’s nice to be back on my skis trying to go FAST!


 Before leaving for Hood – bbq yuminess!!

 Last week in Montreal!  I went home to meet up with my amazing “patch” sponsors who treated myself, MP, Mitch, and Jeff Frisch to a delicious dinner at Joe Beef! YUM!  A huge thank you to all of them!
Pic from jogging along the Lachine Canal.

 Back to HOOD!
Sunny, hard snow, windy, SLALOM.

 The clouds were coming in and out, but we managed to avoid all bad weather!

 At the top of the Mirror Lake hike!

 And finally, a picture of some of the SWAG you can get if you donate to my “road to Sochi.”
SO STYLISH!  Thanks to Alpine Promotions for designing and creating these beautiful fashion statements!!

Wake-up call’s at 5am, so I’m off to bed!