Oh yeah, I have a blog!

Check it out! We’ve been busy since I got home from the Ski Sisterhood camps. I’m taking full, and I mean FULL, advantage of what’s left of summer. Tahoe, Jackson, and SLC have been amazing these last few weeks.¬†School already starts NEXT WEEK. Seriously??? Ahhhhh I am not ready yet!!! Luckily I have an awesome (although crazy) schedule again, only Mondays and Wednesdays ¬†– so I’ll still have lots of time to play outside. Here’s a brief recap of our last few weeks.

IMG_8282 IMG_8288 IMG_8294 IMG_8300 IMG_8314 IMG_8324 IMG_8352 IMG_8373 IMG_8405 IMG_8413 IMG_8419 IMG_8471 IMG_8490 IMG_8512 IMG_8541 IMG_8549 IMG_8552 IMG_8554 IMG_8691 IMG_8721 IMG_8750 IMG_8771 IMG_8774 IMG_8851 IMG_8874 IMG_8879 IMG_8888 IMG_8905 IMG_8924 IMG_8928