random pics from good times

Extreme ski touring

 early morning lake tahoe

 The great Salt Lake

 Driving past Tahoe

 Skiing at Squaw!

 Hanging with my parents!

 Noram Slalom Overall title.

 Deliciousness at Coffeebar

 Ski in ski out starbucks

 favourite tree

 protein style in-n-out burger

 Marco’s surgery

 post-surgery picnic with the birds

 Taking in the views

 happy parents


 the atomic chair


 perfect snow

 home-made monkey bars

 final race and win of the season!

It’s been an amazing year of change.  I followed my heart and could not have expected a better outcome to my season, to my new home, and my new friends.  Although I’m finished with racing for this year, For the rest of this school semester, I’ll still be searching out some sweet skiing, biking, and camping in the upcoming weeks and hopefully break out the real camera for some interesting photos.
Thanks for all the words of encouragement and to those who have supported me through all of these changes!