Suddenly SNOW.
It’s been snowing all weekend in Salt Lake City.  It’s crazy how the snow completely changes my mood! I thought that I was really happy that we hadn’t seen cold weather or winter yet, but the minute it started snowing, the feeling around became more peaceful and Christmas-like.  It’s really beautiful out right now, the fluffy snow is covering EVERTHING!! Just few days ago we were eating lunch outside on the grass in T-shirts, and now ski season has officially arrived.  🙂
looking out the window…

 After two days of storming, I finally peaked some blue sky.


 sunny icicles.

 The storming has been great for my homework, and my homework procrastinaion has been great for my cleaning, decorating, laundry, blogging, etc.  I finally found a way to display some of the random post-cards I’ve collected over the years…. now back to homework!!