Update from Session 2! #skisisterhood

Well, it’s been a really busy 2 weeks but fun and fulfilling at the same time.  We said aurevoir to the amazing girls from session 1 and took a few days off.  I got to bike around a bunch, RELAX, and have a crazy lobster party with the girls! 🙂

We welcomed another 16 ladies to our second session. Two of the girls are here for both, six are American, and the rest are from across Canada.  It’s a really cool thing to bring these ladies together for the love of skiing, and it’s also really  to see them interact and become close friends quickly.  There’s never a dull moment and there seems to always be something to do!  I’ve FINALLY started to gather all the Sochi Swagg to send out to all the donors to my #roadtosochi fund!  They will be sent in the next few days.  I’ve also had the opportunity to train a bit more.  Yesterday I did a semi-private full slalom session with the two girls that have been here for both camps, while the rest of the girls started in stubbies.  It was fun to see and fun to SKI.  Christina captured some gopro follow cam which I’ve embedded below! Enjoy!

IMG_2294 IMG_2327 IMG_6749 IMG_6829 IMG_6839

photo (65)AND boxing up the SWAG for #roadtosochi fundraiser!  THANKS AGAIN to all who donated and supported!