This is not the update I wanted to be sending, but unfortunately yesterday my “road to Sochi” was cut short. I was training in preparation for the Nor-Ams this week and the upcoming World Cup races when I sustained a full ACL tear and a medial meniscus tear.

I am heartbroken and disappointed that I could not see the “Olympic Adventure” to the end. I have a long road to recovery ahead, but I know what to expect and I am just moving forward towards becoming strong again.

The support I have received from donors, sponsors, friends, and family has meant so much to me and has helped me get this far.  Up until yesterday I fully believed that this season would be amazing, and a lot of it has to do with the confidence I gained from everyone’s support.  I can’t thank everyone enough.

I look forward to standing in the start gate once again next season with the Westminster Ski Team, to continuing my studies in business, and to hosting awesome camps for ski racers next summer!

I will be cheering on all the Canadian ladies this season, and I’m sure they will continue to dominate! I am just sad that I will not be there with them.  I really believed in myself and my program and wish I could have showed that it was possible and shared the journey with my friends and supporters.

Here we go again.