fun from my phone

Since our trip to Moab/Goblin Valley time has flown by.
It’s been a mixed bag of summer/winter conditions and it’s been amazing to finally be home for a consistant amount of time.
Here’s a bunch of pics from my phone….. since we are heading to Moab tomorrow I am anticipating some non-iphone pics to make up for the abundance of phone pics… but anyway – no matter the quality of the photo, the quality of fun still shines through!
GOLFING – first round of the season was…. hilarious.

Chelsea, Trevor, and Ted came to town to close down park city and have some goooood times.  THe day started with these amazing breakfast sandwiches made by trevor!

 OH CANADA> The return of the denim one-piece.  and a chicken.

 love these ladies

 we know how to DANCE!

 Marco came back from WINNING ARCTIC MAN AGAIN, and we went touring straight off the plane.

 Marcus led the way…

 And we ended up having a ridiculously amazing powder run.

 THen, winter came back.
It was awesome! Nothing better than a great day skiing with friends!

 One day at Snowbird and one day at Brighton – both were awesome.  So much powder, so little time!

 AND then summer came back again!

 While the sun was out, I was cramming for finals.
3 finals, 1 day, and a huge cup of Silver Bean!

 FRESHMAN YEAR IS OVER!! And I didn’t gain the “freshman 15”! woohoo!
This was the reward: 5am wakeup, sunrise bootpack up “Superior,” destination: suicide chute.

 The bootpack actually wasnt bad at all!

 Our tracks…..

 Almost there….

 beautiful white spines….

 anddddddd the view from the top!


 What a great way to end the school year and start the SUMMER!!