Utah Weekend Adventure

It was raining Friday morning as we packed up the cars to get out of town! Marco, our roommates: Dane, Jasmine, Dylan, and I decided it was time to bust out our mountain bikes in MOAB.
Moab was a zoo.
Since the first time we ever went, about five years ago, each time back since, we notice the crowds growing. For good reason of course – Moab is awesome.  There’s so much to do and so many really cool mountain bike trails.  The town is sweet and people are flocking to it to get their sweat on.
We, like thousands of other “Salt Lakers” pulled in around three PM after everyone else had already settled their camping spots.
We went out on a limb to find the perfect spot and decided to explore a new area in which none of us had ever been.  In the past, Marco and I have camped at Potash Road (now totally taken over by climbers) and up on Slickrock (probably the most popular spot to camp), so this time we headed way out past Amasa Back –  way beyond what my little Altima was meant to handle, and found a massive awesome camping zone.  We went down into a canyon and back out of it, through a bunch of mesas, and beyond.  There were random spots along the road and a lot less people vying for them.  We finally settled on an open space where the Land Rover could rest and the Altima could handle.  It was beautiful and we made it just in time for sunset.

Jasmine and Marco

TRIPLE CAMERAS – Dane, taking a picture.  Marco taking a picture of Dane taking a picture.  Me, taking a picture of Marco taking a picture of Dane taking a picture.

My Opus ready to roll!

Baby on a sandy mission.

Awesome red light as the sun set.

NIGHT PICS –  (I had to.)
Someone pulled in behind the rock at night, and sent out a cool looking beam of light.  Our bikes were bright in the night.

Campfire stories.

Our house for the night.

Our Amasa Back bike ride was sweet.  

 Enjoying the view from the top!

 biking rocks.

After our day in Moab we headed West to Goblin Valley to meet up with some more friends.
We had another amazing view as our backyard.

And again, made it just in time for sunset.

Hanging with the moto-friends.  Big fires, big engines, and big RV’s.

Dane and Mischa!

Not a bad view.

The next morning we ventured into Goblin Valley to hike some slot canyons.

The canyons were sweet. The power of water over rock was apparent.

The guys made good use of the holes in the walls.  Rock toss!

Happy hikers!

Jasmine and Dylan, enjoying their surroundings.

Marco and I!

Making our way through Little Wild Horse Canyon!

Barely wide enough for us!

Still room for some posing.

Rocks leading the way.

Jasmine and baby.

make skinny!

slalom canyon…..

sooooo coool beyond words.


The whale’s belly area.

love these two.