intense camping in tents.

Moab and Goblin Valley Round 2.
School wrapped up and we headed out to the desert for another mountain biking/hiking adventure.
Amazing friends, hilarious adventures, sweet biking, cool hiking, and overall goodtimes… it was a memorable weekend in the desert.

Packed up and ready to go!  The essentials: bikes and tents.

Friends around the campfire as the full moon rose in Moab.

The focal point of the weekend was Marco’s birthday!!
We had an impromptu hike up to “Delicate Arch” with an amazing picnic and ended up spending a couple hilarious hours up there snapping pics and making friends.

Chelsea and Megan at our amazing picnic.

The sunset skyline

 Attempting to look cool under the arch.

 There was randomly a photography class going on where the teacher “painted” the arch with light… So I took advantage of being in the right place at the right time!! It looks totally unreal!
“F11 Jeff!!!” being yelled down the canyon sparked hilarity.

 THE LIZARD.  Coolest living thing we saw. (other than each other….)

 The non-living turtle on my new favourite ride in Moab!

 smiling allllllll week!!!!!!!!!

 Slickrock at sunset.  Keely’s head in the sun and Marco catching up!


After many days of mountain biking in the sun, we headed to Goblin Valley for some slot canyon hiking.

 We found an amazing place to camp!

 The fire was throwing shadows.


 this is love. haha!


 The slot canyon crew!! Keely, Marco, Marcus, Tara, and me.

 my favourite pic.


 getting extreme

 Goodbye again desert. you are awesome.