The days are long and warm and we have been making the most of our time.
Marco is home full time now!!! He gets to see how cool salt lake really is!

 flowers are blooming….

 Hanging on the lawn… slacklining… baby entertaining… photoshooting!

Ski touring before School!!

 happy 🙂

 Dylans favourite bib!

 MOUNTAIN BIKING!!!!!!!! was awesome.

 ready to roll

 AND. Climbing.
how many sports can you do in one day in Utah!?!?!
We had a class field trip for climbing. it was awesome!

That’s all.
We’re heading to the desert and the red rocks for some mountain biking and canyoneering adventures in Moab and Goblin Valley this weekend!!!
Spring makes me happy.  We’re outside, we’re doing different sports, and we’re sharing the good times with good friends.
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!