Surgery, Christmas, New Year, New Knee!

A lot has happened over the last three weeks!  I finished up my final exams at Westminster College and flew to London, Ontario to see Dr. Litchfield.  I can’t thank him enough for fixing my knee!  We opted for a patella tendon graft for my ACL and an IT band graft for my “Anetrolateral ligament” (the “new” ligament). The surgery was successful.  My knee was extremely swollen and I spent the next five days with my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Toronto – gingerly trying to bend, extend, and walk. IMG_0018 I was spoiled by my cousin Giacomo!! Amazing food everyday as I iced away! IMG_0026 This was all during the TOronto Ice Storm!!  Ice covered trees were crashing down all over the place and the power was OUT. IMG_0030 IMG_0034 IMG_0037 IMG_0041 IMG_0043 IMG_0048 My mom and I headed back up North for Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS, cheers to Game Ready!! 🙂 IMG_0049 IMG_0051 Crazy bruising. IMG_0068 A portrait of myself and Marco, by my brother. ha! IMG_0077 IMG_8942 IMG_8953 Tremblant looking beautiful and COLD. IMG_8957 IMG_8970 I finally got out of the house to see some old friends (and their children) for a sleigh ride! (cool kids at the back – real kids in the front…) IMG_0088 IMG_0089 Since about two weeks post surgery I have been feeling super mobile.  I’ve been biking at the lowest seat setting that my bike will go, and walking normally without crutches.  I do stair laps for fun, and constantly bend and extend my knee to keep breaking up scar tissue. I’ve spent a LOT of time on this couch….looking out at the beautiful and frozen scenery. IMG_8981IMG_8995 But today I finally went outside to “naturally ice.” It’s been around -30 Celcius here, so the cold felt nice on my knee! PLus the added bonus of practicing my propreoception and balance! IMG_9004 You can see that my scars are healing up nicely and swelling has greatly reduced! IMG_9010 ON the snowy catwalk!! IMG_9013 Thanks to my mom for the photoshoot!! 🙂 It’s back to school for me next week – I’m really happy with how well my knee has been feeling and (somewhat) excited for another semester. It’s been amazing to be home for two weeks, but I’ve been missing Marco who’s in Austria without me! Luckily I am going to Wengen and Kitz to see him!!!! Yeah! #marcorocks