All I can say is that we are basking in the awesomeness of summer in Tahoe. Last night (after having been inspired by the Olympics and swimming 1.2 miles in the lake) we took-out sushi and ate it on a public dock with Mitch. Swimming is the new “thing” here, and lucky for me, I know how to swim – so jumping in on crazy activities is not as much of a struggle as it sometimes can be (here)!! People here take their activities to the next level, which is awesome, but can be challenging if you are a beginner or unprepared! 🙂 For example, last year I thought I was going on a sweet downhill ride with some friends (they said, “come shuttle Heavenly with us”), so I packed minimal water and food, and the ride turned out to be an epic 32 mile ride with three massive climbs. Yes, the final downhill was amazing – but getting there and bonking was a painful struggle. I was unprepared and reduced to beginner status biking by the end.

Other than staying busy trying to do all of the activities, we are constantly working on the house. Marco is going to pour the concrete countertop for our (aka, my) coffee bar today! Yay! My prized possessions have their own little zone in our new house – as they should 🙂  I’ve also been roasting some coffee and trying to perfect my ghetto jerry-rigged setup to make us some sweet and chocolaty espresso. Maybe a roasting blog will be in my future – maybe not.

Anyway, these are some pics from last night! Kind of repetitive, but so pretty (Lake Tahoe)!