Teton Pass at dawn

SPRING BREAK 2013 continues!
I am lucky enough to be spending my FIRST ever spring break with an amazing group of people.  Chelsea and Trevor welcomed me into their home, along with Liz, Megan, and many other great friends.  We’ve been rocking the spring break attitude all weekend long making the most of our time and skiing as much as possible.  Today started out with “dawn patrol” up Teton Pass.  Trevor took Megan and I on an EARLY morning sunrise hike – ski.  It was awesome.  Unforgettable and beautiful. I am so happy to be here making the most of each day.

Like I said, we were up before dawn.  The first 20 minutes or so were in the dark, led by our headlamps.

 Just before the sun came up, things were looking a little gloomy.

 yay. sunrise and pink snow!

 Trevor led the way.  He does this hike all the time and gave us an amazing tour.  Megan was in town for the same races I was doing and we convinced her to stay for the hike!!  Happy hikers!

Photo Cred: TREVOR http://www.jacksonfamilyrobinson.blogspot.com

As the sun shone brighter, the clouds melted away.

 into the SUN! Finally!!!

 Once we made it to the top, we went into the little fort out of the wind to add some layers and drink some coffee!

 The fort was crazy cool.

 As were the views.

 Teton range in the distance

 Above the clouds!


 ohhhh yeahhhhh

 smiling the whole way down!!

 powder clouds

 And at the end, a cool sunrise beam.

Couldn’t have started the day better!!