the final Jackson adventure

We celebrated the full moon in style last night.
The greatest hosts ever, Chelsea and Trevor, one-upped what I thought had already been a ridiculously awesome trip with one final Jackson adventure: a moonlit trip to some natural hotsprings by snowmobile.
The natural hot pool was amazing.  The moon was amazing.  I was once again, in awe of their surroundings and senses of adventure.
The pics are blurry and weird and really don’t portray how beautiful the bright night was, but they are still worth checking out!
Trevor and his toys…. our mode of transportation to the hot springs!

 As we began riding out to the hotsprings, the moon suddenly appeared in all of it’s glory.  Big and bright, we barely needed our headlights in order to find our way.

 This is a confusing pic, but in order to get to the springs, we needed to cross a FREEZING river.  You can see the light of some friends who already made it into the natural hot pool.

 Pre-river-crossing enjoyment of the starry sky and super bright lit mountains.

 Our destination.

 ahhhhhhhh made it.


 soaking it up

 underwater lighting fail.

 And just as we were leaving, the full moon almost poked over the cliffs.

Thanks again to Chelsea and Trevor for the greatest spring break ever and an all-around unforgettable trip!  May the full moon adventures continue!