this that and the other

The last two weeks have flown by between visiting Sun Valley, starting school again, and then visiting Dubois, Wyoming!
Sun Valley was beautiful!

we hiked


 checked out the oldest chair in the world


 best friends reunite!

 And…. back to Salt Lake and back to SCHOOL.
After school dusk riding has been awesome.

 flowers are blooming and everything is GREEN.

After our first week at school, Marco and I went to help Chelsea paint and create a yoga studio for her retreat at Jakey’s Fork, Wyoming.

 It was an amazing place with amazing landscapes right outside the door!

The Shine OM yoga retreat will definitely be magical.

Speaking of magical… a crystal cave!!

 It was crazy and awesome.  Like nothing I’ve ever seeN!

 Marco chilling in the crystal cave.

 glow yoga crystal cave style.

 And a Massive crystal in a creek, marking the spot.

 Dubois was cool and we did some great renovations and had some fun activities.
The drive home was beautiful!!!

 We drove through Jackson Hole.  The Tetons were amazing.


THat is all.  Back to school and back to the gym this week!